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Fall's Here!

Here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire fall comes out in all its glory. And a good thing since it is my favorite season. I just can't seem to take enough photos of the beautiful area when the trees are dressed to the nines.

We take a ride up north where the color comes in first because we can't wait for the color to reach our neighborhood. And then when it does show up on our doorstep, well, my camera is my constant companion whether we are walking or going for a drive to the supermarket. And of course the season is just not here long enough, for me. 

This painting was from a photo that I took on one of our walks down a road close to our home. There is a marshy water area all around it and a small bridge that we cross over to continue on the walk. But this particular day, the light on the trees in the foreground was just as exciting as the bright sunlight on the shrubs and bushes along the waterway. 

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