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This is where I will discuss my current art projects. Although I paint in a variety of mediums, I do almost always use an easel whether I am painting acrylics, oils, pastels, or other medium (unless the canvas is a miniature that I can hold in my hand).

Sketch Exercises

An artist I know put out a challenge on Facebook for other artists to work on their sketching skills for the month of March. I thought, why not? I'm not painting as much as I have since I'm spening more time with my writing, but I miss painting and since each weekly challenge takes a mere 15 minutes to complete, I knew I could do that. I'm a little rusty, especially with my pastel pencils which was the first challenge (sketch a food item) so I then did a pencil sketch, which came out better than the first sketch. 

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Painting Fund Raiser - Slate #1

So although I'm not painting as much as I used to, I still need to go up to my studio and paint from time to time. I miss it and whenever I'm in my studio, which I really enjoy, kind of like my ivory tower, I am surrounded by the sights and smells of being an artist. So I loved the opportunity to not only paint but also donate to a worthy cause - fund raising for a local food bank. 

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Black Slate Painting

It has been a couple of months since I sat down in my studio to paint which is why I am really looking forward to this project. A friend who has a gallery that he now shares with two other artists is having a fund raising event for the food bank in the town of Meredith, NH. In the summer this is a vacation destination since the town shares a piece of Lake Winnipesaukee. I've only recently been exploring some of the downtown - I mostly go there to visit my friend's gallery. The main street runs parallel to the major road that takes you by the lake. My husband and I recently ate lunch at a winery in town that had a most interesting lunch menu. 

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My Binka Project

Because I've been so sad about losing my tiny Binka over 10 years ago now, I have been unable to honor her as she should have been. But I want to honor her now by doing a series of paintings of my sweet girl. This is my 2nd painting of my little girl; it was taken on our front lawn. She loved grass and would eat it, lay in it, roll in it (and not because it had something stinky in it, which is the case with most of our dogs when I see them rolling on the lawn). 

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My Sweetest and Tiniest Girl

Not a day goes by that I don't think about my tiniest Pomeranian, Binka, at least once. And with her memories come the tears. I miss this little girl, who passed way before her time, everyday. Even though it has been more than 10 years it still feels like it was just yesterday that I lost her. 

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