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On My Easel

This is where I will discuss my current art projects. Although I paint in a variety of mediums, I do almost always use an easel whether I am painting acrylics, oils, pastels, or other medium (unless the canvas is a miniature that I can hold in my hand).


I recently started working on this painting of a Merganser and her two chicks. I just love the 'wild' feather head of the female.

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Back in My Studio Again

So, more than one month after my last blog, we are still remaining quarantined in our own home, away from others. Along with so many others, I'm getting really tired of this. Fortunately we have lots to do around our home (and I mean that literally, like cleaning the garage, the basement, projects in the yard - and we have many acres - the list goes on) and one of the things to do is paint. Now that the weather is beginning to warm up I am spending more time in my studio. I'm also looking forward to doing some painting outdoors. 

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From Painting Comes New Ideas

Winter is not my time to paint since it is a little chilly in my studio and I keep the heat only high enough to keep my plants alive. But this winter I've spent several days painting at a friend's house, which has been wonderful and I've enjoyed that time we've had together. Usually she and her husband are away at their condo skiing, but over the years they have spent less and less time there and finally, last year, sold the place. Unfortunately now with the sudden scare of COVID-19 we are not painting together for a few weeks until we see what happens.

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Gourds in a Still Life - in Progress

It seems as of late I'm in the middle of several paintings at once. Most are in oils since I've been working in that medium lately. I will often pick a medium and use that for several months. Then I start looking at say, my pastels, and then I'm off in that direction. I'm always working on something in acrylics only because they dgourdstilllifeinprogressry so fast and I can continue working on them. Also, they don't take any preparation, like oils that need turpentine and other solvents to work on a painting. All acrylics need is water. But I have been working on one of my favorite subjects, besides animals, and that is fruit/veggie still lifes.

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Dry Brush Oils Technique

Although the internet, particularly Facebook, can be a huge time suck, I do sometimes find something worthwhile and educational. And that is the case when, while looking at Pomeranian puppies on a Facebook page, I came across an artist whose work, which looked like either pen and ink or graphite drawings, was extremely photorealistic and very well done.

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2020 Holiday Shows

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, I will not be particpating in any in-person shows this holiday season.  However, you may purchase artwork directly from my website.