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An artist I know put out a challenge on Facebook for other artists to work on their sketching skills for the month of March. I thought, why not? I'm not painting as much as I have since I'm spening more time with my writing, but I miss painting and since each weekly challenge takes a mere 15 minutes to complete, I knew I could do that. I'm a little rusty, especially with my pastel pencils which was the first challenge (sketch a food item) so I then did a pencil sketch, which came out better than the first sketch. 

The next sketch challenge was a fabric. I wasn't very creative here but decided to go with a hand towel (I told you it wasn't creative!) I do like the way it came out, though, for a quick sketch.  I plan on continuing the sketches through the month. Maybe it will get me back into my studio. I do want to continue with a project I had started which was doing small pastels of one of my Poms who, after more than 10 years, I still miss so much. 

Painting is also the best way I know to get my head out of my writing when I don't know where to go next with a novel I'm working on. I usually just move onto another novel, since I work on several at a time, but painting is so much fun and going into my studio is one of my favorite places to hang out. 

Thank you Marilee Sundius for the challenge!

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