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Art and a Story

Over the years and with the many photos I've taken of wildlife and nature, sometimes there is a story. This is where I will feature art and the story that goes with it.

Lone Duck

One of my favorite places to visit in the summer is a place called "Castle in the Clouds". The 16-room castle was built on 5,294 acres by Thomas Gustave Plant for his second wife. The millionaire shoe manufacturer (1859-1941) also included a stable/garage, a greenhouse, gatehouses, farm buildings, and a golf course. Although he lost his money in a series of bad investments and was forced to sell, the castle was bought and sold several times until it was bought by a private non-profit organization that now features the castle, the carriage house, a gift shop, an art gallery, and cafe open to the public.

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Balloon Flowers

Despite the extreme heat temperatures we are currently having, so many of my flowers still continue to bloom. They do need a daily water dosing; I was a bit lax in this area a week or so ago but I am now doing my best to keep all of our outdoor flowers watered, the ones on my back deck as well as the ones planted at the front of our house. I did neglect the ones out front and I can see a huge difference in the number of buds on, for example, the Lilies compared to the number I had last year. And many of the leaves have dried up which is another sign that they need more water.

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Who's Making All That Noise?

I love sitting on our deck, watching the birds, feeding the chipmunks, and enjoying the beautiful day. I was sitting out the other day when I suddenly heard all this chattering and crying and squawking! Not sure if it was a couple of chipmunks fighting over the seeds I supply them with, even though it didn't sound like chipmunks, I walked to the railing, looking at the ground for who could be making all that noise. 

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Summertime Is Calling

There is so much to be said for summertime. Although it isn't my favorite season, I do love seeing all the birds arrive and in a short time there are babies flying around and peeping everywhere, especially in all the nests and nest boxes on our property. I also love the sound of the frogs and peepers.

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Visit From an Oriole

I heard the call, a single, clear note. And I knew the Orioles had arrived. I got a clementine, which I always have on hand because my Cockatoo loves them, found my orange hanger, and cutting a clementine in half, put it out for the Oriole. 

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