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Art and a Story

Over the years and with the many photos I've taken of wildlife and nature, sometimes there is a story. This is where I will feature art and the story that goes with it.

Birds, Birds, Birds

During a recent early spring Nor'easter in my state, we were visited by more birds than I could count at one time. The two feet of snow covered the ground that, just days before, the many birds, several who were just returning to the area, found bugs that were just emerging, along with the daffodils, crocus, and other spring flowers. 

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Koala - Eye Help Animals Series

The Koala - although many call it 'a bear' it isn't really a bear at all. A Koala is actually a marsupial, like a Kangaroo, which means their young are born immature and are carried in its mother's pouch. They stay here for 6-7 months drinking only their mother's milk until they can tolerate gumleaves which are toxic for most mammals.

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Horses as Neighbors

I love horses. It would surprise me if someone told me they hate horses. Even more so, I'm pretty sure this person would not be my friend. They are beautiful, strong, powerful yet graceful, their manes flowing as they run. How can anyone find a single flaw in such a gorgeous creature!

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Still Winter Here

Some call it the January Thaw. But mostly it is just winter here in New Hampshire and from time to time we have a breather where many people start thinking about spring coming early. Although we still have snow in the fields and the woods, you'll hear the revving of motorcycles on the roads. And you'll switch out a jacket for a lighter one. 

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Deer Visits

Not a day goes by that we aren't visited by some wildlife on our property. Every day we have birds that come in; Blue Jays who let me know they are looking for peanuts, they can make enough noise to wake you up, which they have, many times, the Chickadees, and Titmouse are regular visitors, too. At this time of year I love to see the Juncos. And late day visitors are the male and female Cardinals. The Woodpeckers, Hairy and Downy, love the suet feeder, and a variety of Finches, including one of my favorites, the American Goldfinch, make an appearance as well as the favorite of so many birders, the Bluebird. And then the turkeys come, usually in a group of anywhere from 2 to 20+ looking for corn and sunflower seeds.

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