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Because I've been so sad about losing my tiny Binka over 10 years ago now, I have been unable to honor her as she should have been. But I want to honor her now by doing a series of paintings of my sweet girl. This is my 2nd painting of my little girl; it was taken on our front lawn. She loved grass and would eat it, lay in it, roll in it (and not because it had something stinky in it, which is the case with most of our dogs when I see them rolling on the lawn). 

She was a mere 5 lbs most of which was fur. But she was the cutest and sweetest Pom ever. My hope is that I will someday see her (and my other two Poms as well) again and be able to hold her, tell her how much I love her, and have missed her for all these years. And also tell her how sorry I am that I failed her. 

I hope I do her justice in all the paintings I will continue to paint of her over the next several months. Although this and the last one are pastels and only 5"x7", I plan on painting a large one of her in oils. 

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Since the shutdown of basically, the world, I have decided not to participate in any outdoor shows. All of my artwork can be purchased directly through me from my website. If you have any questions about a particular piece on my site, please do not hesitate to contact me concerning its availability and any other questions you may have. And thank you for your continued patronage.