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Some people who come to my websites might not be aware of all the other websites my husband Jim and I maintain. Two of them were created to help animals; one for wild life (  and the other for shelter animals ( So at this time I'm going to promote these sites by sharing a painting because they were founded by using my paintings that we've put on cards, t-shirts, mugs, canvas bags, and a few other items. You can find out more by visiting the websites above.

We donate a portion of each sale to either wildlife organizations or animal shelters. Our mission for both of these sites is to help animals in need and there are many who are homeless or who need protecting from hunters. Sometimes just a few dollars can add up. As a former board member for a shelter in NH, I know that what these organizations need is money. Here and in other countries wildlife needs protecting from illegal hunting, too. Endangered animals can be protected by hiring more rangers to protect them. 

This planet can exist just fine without humans. But humans cannot exist without wildlife. They do more for this planet than anyone could ever imagine. Do your part by supporting endangered wildlife at and help our family of pets by supporting shelters at The animals will appreciate it and so will we.

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