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Still Winter - All Wildlife Welcome

Just when we thought spring was going to arrive early in the Northeast, we had another snow storm. Not a big one, certainly not a Nor'easter, but my husband had to plow and shovel so about 4-5 inches. And the cold wind is back, too. 

I actually miss our 'normal' winters - we would have fires in the fireplace, snowshoe in the deep snow on our 27 acres that cut through woods, and drink lots of cocoa and a glass of wine or two. But I fear those days are long gone. Now it seems we get a storm, insignificant amount, and then it warms up over a couple of weeks and it is gone, looking like spring is just around the corner even though it is more than a month away on the calendar and at least two months away realistically (winter always outstays its welcome). 

Although I'm posting a red fox to accompany this post, it has been more than a couple of years since I've seen one on our property. The photo reference I used for this painting was from several that I took when we had a fox living down in our woods where she had a litter of 3 or 4 kits. I didn't get a lot of photos of them because they mostly came out when the sun went down - my husband and I would peek out our basement window, hoping to get a look at the tiny kits. That was the first and only time we had a fox have a litter in the nearly 23 years that we've lived here. 

I've always encouraged wildlife on our property because as we continue to overpopulate, they are running out of places to habitate. All wildlife is welcome on our land. 


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