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The Birds Are Back!

I love this time of year when all of our birds start coming back. A little over a week ago the Phoebes were singing in our tree, checking out the nest they used successfully last year in the crook of a drain pipe, safe from any predators (in particular, our neighbor's cat). The Ruby-Throated hummingbird hasn't shown up yet - I'll wait another week or so before I put the feeders out for them. And the Bluebirds have been checking out the various houses we have for them in our yard. So far I saw two males but there might be three.

I remember the year we first put out the houses. An elderly neighbor who lived up in back of our house was frantic one morning when we walked by with our dogs. "You have to put up a Bluebird house", she exclaimed and then went on to explain how the nest that was on her house had blown down and the Bluebirds were looking for a new home. My husband, as much of a bird watcher as I am, went to the local hardware store and bought three houses. And ever since then we've had Bluebirds in our yard, thanks to Lucille who passed away several years ago. I think she'd be proud of us and happy to see all the Bluebirds that have hatched over the years.

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