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A New Year Means New Goals

At this time of year I sit down and look, first, at what I was grateful for this year. And my list is always long! 

It is also time for me to look at the coming year and think about my goals and what I want to accomplish this coming year. Although I've spent more time on my writing and completing novels the last few years, I still have art goals that I want to accomplish. Most of them are focused on illustrations for other children's books that I've written. They aren't the same as my commissioned animal portraits or my regular fine art, but they still count, in my mind, as making art. 

I also just got a subscription to Pastel Journal; a friend had a special 'buy one get one free' subscription offer and sent me a free year. I used to receive Pastel Journal and enjoyed it since it is my favorite medium for my animal portraits. But I've narrowed down (or tried to) the number of magazines I receive. I'm also receiving more of my magazines online instead of receiving paper copies. This is definitely the right thing to do, for me anyway. 

I thought this would be a good time to feature my oldest Pom, Kitsune, who will be 16 and 1/2 on Feb 1. She is still going strong and hasn't changed much since I painted this 5"x7" acrylic of her. 



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