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Gourds in a Still Life - in Progress

It seems as of late I'm in the middle of several paintings at once. Most are in oils since I've been working in that medium lately. I will often pick a medium and use that for several months. Then I start looking at say, my pastels, and then I'm off in that direction. I'm always working on something in acrylics only because they dgourdstilllifeinprogressry so fast and I can continue working on them. Also, they don't take any preparation, like oils that need turpentine and other solvents to work on a painting. All acrylics need is water. But I have been working on one of my favorite subjects, besides animals, and that is fruit/veggie still lifes.


If you've seen my work you know I've done a lot of these paintings, mostly in acrylics. But I'm currently working on an oil painting of gourds. I love the bumps and odd shapes of these vegetables and am enjoying painting one in oils. As I note in the title, it is a work in progress.


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