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Balloon Flowers

Despite the extreme heat temperatures we are currently having, so many of my flowers still continue to bloom. They do need a daily water dosing; I was a bit lax in this area a week or so ago but I am now doing my best to keep all of our outdoor flowers watered, the ones on my back deck as well as the ones planted at the front of our house. I did neglect the ones out front and I can see a huge difference in the number of buds on, for example, the Lilies compared to the number I had last year. And many of the leaves have dried up which is another sign that they need more water.

One flower I love and that seems to bloom regardless of how hot it is outside is the Balloon flower. It starts out as a pale lilac hot-air balloon look-alike and then opens to reveal a strong darker lilac-colored 5-petaled star-shaped wonder that I take the time to admire every day. They seem to enjoy the heat since they don't appear until we are in the middle of summer. And they send out shoots! I have relocated several small ones to keep them together in the same patch in my flower garden. One of my summer favorites!


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