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Coyote Neighbors

Often at night, especially when I just can't sleep, I hear, sometimes in the distance and other times close by, the howl and yelp of a coyote or a band of coyotes. I'm always happy to be in my house, along with my two small Pomeranians. 

I wonder how large of an area they cover since sometimes I will hear them for several nights in a row and then a week or more will go by and I don't hear a peep. Or maybe a few howls way off in the distance. There was one time, though, when I was out in my front yard, during the day, and saw one walk through my property. He paused to look at me and gave me a perfect photo to use for a painting. 

There has been a debate around about calling them coyotes or coy dogs. So I looked it up; a coy dog is a coyote breeding with a domestic dog. The concensus was that it is rare and most likely not a real thing. So, what we have in our rural neighborhood is coyotes. I feel so fortunate to have so much wildlife on my property and hope they feel safe and continue to visit us for many years to come. 


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