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Several years ago we had a garden on our property. It was beautiful and we had an abundance of veggies. The next year we planted again. We had company, we were busy, the garden was a wee bit neglected. One day I was walking down the driveway to get the mail and I noticed there was something unusual looking about the tomato plants. I wasn't sure what it was but I knew I needed to go look at them.

Tomato worms! The plants were covered with them! Not just the tomato plants but every other vegetable plant had whatever bug is attracted to that plant. It was a massacre! The next year we planted again but just didn't get much of anything. So we gave up the garden and instead put a few plants on the back deck such as tomatoes and pickling cukes. We got some but often, for the tomatoes, a fungus wasn't far behind. 

Well, this year we are back with the garden although at this time, the plants that I bought several weeks ago are wilting and/or dying because they are pot bound. Although Jim dug up the garden area more than a month ago, we just haven't had the time to lay out the landscape fabric and get the plants in. The turkeys decided to take a 'dirt bath' in the newly dug up soil so Jim will need to rototill the dirt again before we plant the garden.  I'm not sure how they will all fare this year, even though we do plan on getting the garden in and established this weekend. But I do plan on paying a little more attention to the plants this summer. If we don't get too busy!

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2022 - No Longer Doing Art Shows

Since the shutdown of basically, the world, I have decided not to participate in any outdoor shows. All of my artwork can be purchased directly through me from my website. If you have any questions about a particular piece on my site, please do not hesitate to contact me concerning its availability and any other questions you may have. And thank you for your continued patronage.