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Snow Squirrel

Although we are only coming into the end of February, we are starting to have warming days and less frigid nights (climate change). The animals seem to be the first to know this. I'm seeing lots of deer around and the turkeys are here everyday. The songbirds are on our feeders and I'm seeing the American Goldfinch again. 

But one critter who can't seem to get enough to eat everyday, despite their noticeably robust (or I should say paunchy) bodies, is the gray squirrel. No matter what my husband does to try to put the bird feeders out of their reach, they still manage to hang upside down, twisting themselves out of shape to steal from the feeders. They eat corn, sunflower seeds, and whatever else they can get their dexterous little paws on. 

And we have at least 7 that I have seen. I assume many of them are coming from other neighborhoods to feed at my house. Although I don't want to think about the consequences of them bulking up the way they have, I imagine they will be making some hawks, who also need to feed their offspring, very tasty meals. 

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