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Summertime Is Calling

There is so much to be said for summertime. Although it isn't my favorite season, I do love seeing all the birds arrive and in a short time there are babies flying around and peeping everywhere, especially in all the nests and nest boxes on our property. I also love the sound of the frogs and peepers.

With traffic noise on the road during the day, I don't hear the sounds of the frogs so much. But at night, the singing begins. To fall asleep to the sound is the best sound in the world. It is such a relaxing sound that it is one of the sounds you can choose to play on your noise blocker app. Many a night when I just couldn't sleep and it is maybe too cold to open the windows, I will play the sound of peepers to help me sleep. It is amazing what a repetitive sound like the croaking of the frogs can do to relax you. I also love to see them in our pond, their eyes the only thing prominently sticking out in the water. And then of course there are the bull frogs. I love to see them grow that big, before the Great Blue Heron finds them! 


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