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Zen Deer

The deer are back! Although I did see them around this winter, nibbling at our Holly bushes at the front of our house and at the deer lick at the back of our house and at the edge of the woods, they are becoming regular visitors to our property now. And I love seeing them!

A few days ago they were out there with a few of our regular turkeys. Now when I say regular, I mean that the turkeys are here every day. The males are doing their best to attract the females who aren't the least bit interested in their showy feather displays. The turkeys know enough to not get too close to the deer and typically watch the deer from a distance. The deer walk into the yard like they own the place and when a turkey got too close to one of them, on this particular day there were about 4 deer, mostly young ones, probably born last year, the deer lifted its leg and kicked the turkey away! Of course, they were also kicking at each other but probably in play. They seemed to be saying to the turkeys, this is our yard, you can have whatever is left when we are done! 

It would be great if they could play nice, but I love seeing any and all wildlife on our property! 

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