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Falling for Fall

Ah yes, finally, my favorite season is here. With the heat we had this summer, I didn't think it would ever arrive. But now I'm looking forward to cooler days and nights, sweaters and extra blankets (my favorite is the weighted blanket - if you haven't tried it you don't know what you're missing!), and back to cooking some of my favorite meals. Homemade spaghetti sauce is always a winner. Based on my mom's recipe, which she got so many years ago from and my aunt's Italian neighbor, it remains one of my favorites of all time.

But the soups, there is nothing as good as a big bowl of hot soup on a cold day. It is the ultimate in comfort food. And I have a list of meals that I make throughout the winter, sometimes making each of them only once since time flys by so fast and the opportunity to make a favorite recipe just doesn't come up again (like a revised recipe we got from a neighbor who has since passed on - Seafood Chowder). And then there is Thanksgiving with the turkey and every kind of recipe that can be made with the leftovers. But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

This reminds me of some of my favorite paintings: still lifes. I went through a phase of arranging and painting various fruits and veggie still lifes. Part of the fun was getting an arrangement with the veggies I bought at the supermarket, sometimes buying particular veggies that I thought complemented each other. I loved giving them an 'old world' look with the dark backgrounds. To me the whole arrangement looked more authentic. Many of my still life paintings can be viewed until 'Still Lifes' in my Gallery. This one "Five Vegetables 4" is one of my favorites. 


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