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Pumpkins for Sale

And now we are coming into my favorite time of the year in the Northeast - Fall! The days, and nights, are getting cooler and more comfortable, the leaves in the trees are turning amazing colors of reds, rusts, yellows, and oranges, and cooking becomes a more enjoyable activity as I revisit my recipes for soups and other recipes where I need to use the oven, which I avoid turning on all summer.

So, what's not to like about it? Sure, that means Winter isn't far behind (but so is Thanksgiving and Christmas!) but I'm actually a fan of Winter which means, fires in the fireplace drinking hot cocoa while reading a novel, bundling up to walk or snowshoe in the snow, and pulling on those comfy sweaters while you snuggle and watch a movie with your honey. 

But speaking of cooking, Fall is the time we pick apples and also make a batch of pumpkin pies. And there might even be an apple cobbler, too, with all those apples we pick. It is also a time when, since I'm not golfing except for a few weeks into October, I'll be spending more time working on finishing up the current novel I'm working on. There are too many distractions in the summer months but now is the time to 'get back to work'. And this year, after our exceptionally hot summer, I'm really looking forward to Fall!

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