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Leaf Peeping

And now this is the time of year we take a ride up one of our favorite roads, the Kankamagus Highway in Conway, NH. We get some beautiful photos and this year was no different. We actually went to a different part of the state, more north, the previous week and found very little color. But this past week we went to the Kank (as it is fondly referred to up here) and found magnificent color. We also like to check out the various license plates to see where people come from to look at the beauty we have around us just a little over an hour away from where we live. Most people are from the east coast area: Maine, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, and of course, Massachusetts. But we also see a lot from Florida and as far away as California! 

We didn't have as much luck finding a place to eat since most places in the Conway area were either only open for dinner or only had seating indoors. We ended up getting a haddock sandwich at a restaurant we were familiar with and found a quiet place to set up our two chairs, a TV table, and enjoy a beer with our meal. Of course, within minutes of arriving here a family with two kids showed up to play pickleball and then others came to walk in the woods around us. I think next time we'll bring our own sandwiches so we don't have to spend as much time looking for something to eat but instead can stop at a more scenic, secluded spot!

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