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Leopard - Eye Help Animals Series

As an artist, I want to share what I paint and hope it reaches people so that they become emotionally attached and want to purchase my art. As some of you know, with a series of wildlife eyes, my husband Jim and I created an online business to help wildlife organizations who care for wildlife, in particular, those who are endangered. 

From those wildlife eyes, I also did a series of small paintings of each of the animals we support through this business. From time to time I look at those paintings and think that I need to somehow promote this business more to do what I can to help so many endangered animals.

Over the years, we have tried so many things, mostly through social media, to promote what we are doing to help endangered wildlife. We are planning a revival of the business, Eye Help Animals, and so you will be seeing more of my paintings of the various wildlife through my DJ Geribo fine artist website. Plus a new format to help bring attention to our Eye Help Animals website. I hope you'll follow along and support all wildlife.

Remember, they don't need us, but we could not survive without them. 

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