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Red Squirrel Cage

It seems we've adopted a red squirrel, or two. We recently bought a new feeder that had a cage around it to protect it from the gray squirrels as well as the bigger birds who eat so much more than the little birds do. I certainly never expected any squirrel to fit through the openings in the cage. But for the red squirrel, that is not a problem. 

We had three red squirrels but one seemed to have had an eye missing and not long after, we never saw him again. But we do have two red squirrels and although one may be a male and the other a female, they do fight for dominance over the cage. Occasionally they leave it and the birds are thrilled to have the cage to themselves for a short time. 

We've taken several photos of the red squirrels in the cage and laying next to the cage. They have even been known to nap inside the cage. More timid than the grays, they still run off when we go outside on the deck. But we do watch them through our kitchen window and wave whenever one is looking in at us, which is quite often. I'm hoping at some point that they'll not be so afraid and run off every time we go out there. Of course, if Felix sneaks out when I go on the deck, the reds run as fast as they can along the railing with Felix dashing along below them on the deck. Even though he's a fast Pomeranian, he'll never catch the reds. 

I do enjoy watching and learning about each and every animal who shares our property with us. 

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