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Missing the Oriole

At this time of year, mid-spring, all of our favorite southern birds make the long trek home to our backyard here in New Hampshire. I wait for them, keeping an eye out along with putting up a couple of hummingbird feeders along with orange pieces, hoping to lure the Oriole to my back deck. I'm often fortunate enough to not only see the Oriole as he enjoys the orange slice, but also to get a few photos. 

I did hear one this spring, was sure of it, so I quickly put a few orange pieces out. And then once when I was in the upstairs bathroom, which looks out at our back deck and yard area where our feeders are hung, I was sure I saw hopping on the ground below a black and orange bird. I took a couple of photos but none that came out clear enough to determine for sure whether or not it was an Oriole.

Perhaps one will appear sometime during the summer months. From time to time I'll put out some oranges, hoping to see one land on our back deck. If not, at least I have a few paintings that I've done over the years when I've had the pleasure of not only seeing one land on our deck railing, but also spend some time enjoying the oranges. 

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