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The Winter Months

Sometimes here in New England the winter months seem to last so much longer than any of the other seasons, particularly where I live in northern New England. But of course, with 2021 being, once again, the warmest year on record, that may very well be changing the way we all live. And for me, I'm thankful I live in an area that is known for its snow and cold winters. I look forward to the season changes, even though that will likely change as the temps warm up. But for now, I'm going to enjoy the snow and the cold and I promise, you won't hear me complaining about either!

What I also enjoy are the animals, particularly the birds, that come to depend on us for food. We put out sunflower seeds, suet, peanuts, and corn for the many variety of birds that visit us. We also have several squirrels that love the corn and try their best to eat the suet and the sunflower seeds (and often succeed!) The deer with their winter coats have been seen nibbling on our holly bushes and also stop by to eat some corn that we throw out for the turkeys.

Several times during the day I stop what I'm doing to watch the birds flying in and out, wondering if they are expending as much energy to fly back and forth and if it would be better if they just sat and ate, like the American Goldfinch do. I call them 'campers' since they will land on the feeders in the morning when we put them out and sit there until dark when we bring the feeders in. Sometimes we have a Goldfinch or two around for the winter but I haven't seen any this year. Maybe they knew the winter was going to be a bit too cold for them. But the little Juncos, one of my favorites, show up late fall and stay through the winter. I wonder where they summer and how it is they are coming to a place when it is cold, when most birds are heading to a warmer climate.

I worry about the birds and what the climate changing will do to them. The need to migrate is automatic. I wonder what we are doing to alter nature and in the end, destroy the most precious wonder of this planet. 

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