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Turkey Talk

At this time of year I start my long winter friendship with the turkeys in my neighborhood. We can have anywhere from 6 to 46 turkeys on any given day. Sometimes two different groups show up and seem hesitant to approach the area where I throw the corn. I'm guessing they are 'rival' groups. One time I actually had to break up a fight between two of the larger males from the different groups; they were getting too close to my rhododendron and I could envision them ripping it to shreds. I wasn't going to allow that since I planted it from infancy and it hadn't yet given me any flowers (it did for the first time this summer!) And by breaking up the fight, all I had to do was walk out on my deck and they all scattered (the rhododendron is planted right next to the deck). 

There are still quite a few that run off when I open the basement door to throw out the corn. They eventually make their way back to the food, or what is left of it since there is also a group that hangs out most of the day and everyday so they have gotten quite used to me and actually run towards me when I open the back door. 

I welcome and feed all wildlife because I can't imagine what it is like for them looking for food during the cold and often snowy winter months. We also have a salt lick that we put out for the deer. And then, of course, we hang out the seed feeders and suet to feed the many birds that visit our yard every day. 

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